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We invite you to the Czech Restaurant “Zdrojowa” which is located in the centre of Kudowa-Zdroj, a health resort with traditions dating back to the 17th century. The restaurant offers you specialities of the Czech cuisine accompanied by a wide range of beverages. Stylish rooms, kind service and exquisite cuisine cause that every single minute spent in our restaurant shall stay in your memory for long.

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When we talk about the Czech our first association which comes to our minds is Svvejk and The Goblet Inn and when we hear about the Czech cuisine dumplings come to our mind first, dumplings poured with thick well seasoned sauce. However, it is not the only dish that the Czech people have. The culinary tastes of our southern neighbours are very similar to the tastes of the Bavarian, Austrian, Hungarian or the Silesians. We can well say that the Czech cuisine is a paradise for those who love meat with stodgy, aromatic sauces. Varied ways in which pork meat, veal, various roulades, chops, schnitzel or roasted goose and chicken are prepared, may satisfy the tastes of a gourmet.

The Czech cuisine is rich in soups. Without them we can not call a dinner, a proper dinner. They are boiled on a meat or fish brew. Apart from a traditional bullion soup or a tomato soup, the spicy garlic soup (česnekačku ), goulash soup and beef bullion soup with liver dumplings and tripe or chitterlings are also very popular. A treat not only known among tourists is gulaš – meat stew in wine. Among the dishes served for dinner, dumplings are the royal delicacy – dough prepared from potato flour, sliced and steamed, served with meat dishes, preferably pork. They are a substitute for rice and potatoes for the Czech.

Those who prefer a meatless cuisine can also find something for themselves, though, we have to say that this is not a low-calorie choice. The most popular is smažený sýr – breaded fried cheese servedwith French fries and Tartar Sauce. The dish can be found in two varieties – hard cheese or hermelin (blue cheese). The real mouth-watering delicacy are (on condition that you can bare the really unpleasant scent) the Olomoucké tvarůžky – tiny pieces of cheese with intense and special scent. For those who do not wish to try the cheese, Smažený Květák may be an ideal dish – fried cauliflower or bramboráky – potato pancakes. Oplátky, which are produced in Karlove Vary are also a renowned dish just like the aforementioned dumplings. These are waffles served with chocolate or hazelnut filling.

It is not the food though which attracts the most and makes us stay while visiting our south neighbours. The greatest attraction is the beer which is characterized by hops’ bitterness and thick, solid foam. The Czech cultivate their national tradition to an extent in which the act of pouring the beer into a mug becomes a real ritual and for those who are really thirsty it can be an exaggeration. In accordance with the Czech norm, pouring the beer should last 15 minutes. The foam has to be formed in two steps with a necessary hole in the middle. For those who are hungry, during a beer feast utopenec can be an ideal treat – sausages in vinegar sauce or Tlačenka s cibulí – head cheese with onion poured with vinegar.

The Czech cuisine is the one you can really like. One can wonder why in Poland, where numerous facilities arise, it is so hard to find Czech restaurant.

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Beef cheeks in gingerbread sauce, bacon dumpling, carrot and parsley crisps

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Starters, soups, poultry, pork, beef, Czech specialities, something for vegetarians, desserts, all within your reach. Do not hesitate, visit us and discover our wonderful flavours.

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